10 Minute Solution – The Pilates Collection Review

Product: 10 Minute Solution – The Pilates Collection Review
Best Place to Buy: Amazon.co.uk
No. of DVDs: 4
Run Time: 223 minutes
My Rating: 7.8 out of 10.


Pilates DVDs are Popular Accessories

Most people exercising or working out at home use supporting workout DVDs either regularly or from time to time. There is a big choice of DVDs available nowadays and it can be hard to choose one that is perfect for your needs. A popular choice for Pilates lovers are the DVDs of the ’10 Minute Solution’ series. So let’s have a look what these DVDs have to offer.

Key Features of the 10 Minute Solution Pilates Collection

The Pilates Collection comprises 4 DVDs:

  • PILATES FOR BEGINNERS – offering 5 separate workouts of 10 minutes each that are supposed to teach the fundamental techniques of Pilates in a compact and ultra-efficient way.
  • PILATES – divided into 5 workouts of 10 minutes each designed to be used as a whole, individually or in a custom workout.
  • PILATES PERFECT BODY – split into 5 separate routines of 10 minutes each focusing on Pilates for dancers and including some subtle elements of dance training for graceful elegance.
  • RAPID RESULTS PILATES – comprising 5 workouts of 10 minutes each based on a technique called Power Precision Sequencing and designed to give rapid results.
  • Each DVD covers the same 5 sections: They all have a separate introduction explaining the aim of each particular DVD, a workout targeting the arms, one for the legs/thighs, one working the core (Abs and stomach), a total body combo sequence and a stretching section.
  • Each of the five workout sections is made up of around 5 different exercises.
  • Each exercise is complemented by breathing instructions, and for some exercises modified versions are given.
  • Each DVD offers three options for your workout: ‘Play all workout’, ‘select workout’, and ‘customize workout’.
  • To customize your workout, you can ‘Mix and Match’ to create your own workout by choosing any from the five sections in the order you want and hit the Play button.

The Pros

  • One of the key features of the 10 Minute Solution series is also one of it’s most welcome advantages: the well-structured 10-minute sessions that fit into everybody’s daily schedule, even the busiest.
  • Another advantage is the fact that each section of a DVD targets a particular part of the body, so no area is missed out.
  • Also, workouts can be customized to a certain extent meaning you can focus on a particular area and don’t need to do the complete workout if time is limited.
  • The fact that this Pilates Collection contains 4 different DVDs provides you with a wider choice of exercises and difficulty levels. So you could start with the Pilates for Beginners DVD until you feel strong enough to progress to the 10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD and eventually to the more challenging Pilates Perfect Body and Rapid Results Pilates DVDs.
  • In total, you can choose from 20 different workout modules comprising about 5 exercises on average each making it a total of no less than about 100 exercises.
  • When buying the 10 Minute Solution Pilates Selection, you save a lot of money compared to buying the DVDs individually.

The Cons

  • Pilates for Beginners suggests that this DVD is suitable for beginners. However, the introduction is far too short to prepare a beginner for the upcoming exercises and does not contain any sort of warm-up.
  • The exercises targeted at beginners trying to teach the basics are too challenging for someone who still needs to strengthen their core. Too many repetitions of challenging exercises (e.g. sit-ups) and pace too fast for a beginner to follow.
  • No warm-up included in any of the DVDs.
  • More advanced DVDs – Pilates Perfect Body and Rapid Results Pilates – are quite fast-paced and challenging and could potentially cause injuries if performed incorrectly.
  • Some exercises are completely unsuitable for people with back or joint injuries.

The Verdict: Great for Improvers and Intermediates, Not for Beginners

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Well, I bought it a while back after I had been practicing Pilates for some time and had gained reasonable core strength. I really enjoyed using the DVDs as I could just do a couple of the 10-minute workouts if I was pressed for time.

On days when I felt a bit tired and exhausted, I used to pick exercises from the Beginners’ or 10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD as you need to be fit and strong enough to manage the exercises of the Pilates Perfect Body and Rapid Results Pilates DVDs.

I particularly liked the fact that you can get a real challenge and work individual parts of the body. Very often I focused on the core (Abs and stomach) exercises as they helped strengthen my back, if I didn’t have time for a full workout.

For me, the results have been great as the core strength as well as the strength of my arms and legs quickly improved, and the results were quite visible. But I have to say, this only worked for me as I had already reached a reasonable level of core strength and overall fitness when I started to use the DVDs.

I would certainly not recommend this 10 Minute Solution Pilates Collection to beginners who have just started off with Pilates. A beginner who still needs to build their core and isn’t familiar with that many Pilates exercises could feel frustrated and overchallenged quite quickly and not benefit from these DVDs. A better choice for beginners would be the First Steps Pilates Course which is specifically designed for beginners.

Also, if you have back issues and are looking for exercises specifically designed to strengthen the back, the Pilates Collection isn’t such an ideal choice either and could potentially make things worse. Instead, you could try The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Program, which has been put together by a postural alignment specialist.

So, to sum it up: The 10 Minute Solution Pilates Collection is a great choice for those who already know the basics of Pilates and have reached a reasonable level of core strength. It provides a flexible and varied workout that delivers results in a fairly short period of time. However, it is not suitable for beginners and people with back issues. If you are a complete beginner with no previous knowledge and experience of Pilates, you should first attend a class or introductory session with a qualified instructor before attempting a DVD workout.





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