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Product: Align Pilates Reformer Review – H1 Model
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Dimensions: 247cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 47cm (D)
Weight: approx. 50 kg
My Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Pilates Reformers are Must-Haves for Many

Pilates Reformers are an integral part of Pilates studio equipment. So you can find them in any good quality Pilates studio. However, they have also become very popular as Pilates home equipment, one of the reasons being that there are various space and cost-efficient models on the market. You no longer need a large home to accommodate a Pilates Reformer and the cost is usually much less than that of a professional studio Reformer. As a consequence, many Pilates enthusiasts regard it as a must-have item for practising Pilates at home.

Key Features of the Align Pilates Reformer H1 Model

  • Compact in size – 247cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 47cm (D) when fully set up, 235cm standing height for storage, approx. 50kg in weight
  • Carriage dimensions are 89cm (L) x 58cm (W) x 22cm (H) or 39 cm with optional leg extensions, travels up to 95cm.
  • Adjustable resistance thanks to 4 nickel-plated music wire springs – 2 medium, 1 strong, 1 light.
  • Adjustable foot bar: 4 different foot bar positions, including down position and stowage position
  • Adjustable height and rope length: 3 different height options thanks to removable rope risers, rope length easily adjustable to 4 different settings
  • Specific Align-Pilates double loop handles with metal-free connectors for a quieter workout
  • Adjustable head rest – 3 different positions
  • Adjustable feet so the reformer sits flat even when the floor is uneven
  • Freestanding thanks to fold-out and lockable standing legs
  • Compliance: The Align-Pilates H1 Reformer is ISO20957-1 Class H certified
  • Suitability: Suitable for users with a max weight of 120kg and a height of 145cm – 193cm (4’10 – 6’4”).
  • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year frame warranty for non-commercial use only.

The Pros

  • Self-contained machine: Since the Align Pilates H1 Pilates Reformer is a compact and self-contained piece of equipment, it can easily be wheeled around and safely be stored away in an upright, space-efficient position. So it’s perfect for workouts in your home and can be flexibly used in various locations within your home as required – e.g. your living room, bedroom, garage etc. There is no need to set it up in a particular place.
  • Professional quality springs: As high-quality springs are used for resistance, you get the same choice, smoothness and progressive levels of resistance as in a professional Pilates Reformer model, but at a fraction of the price.
  • Fine-tune options: Due to the adjustable foot bar, head rest, height and rope length the reformer can be customized and fine-tuned to suit your needs, just like in a professional version.
  • Full functionality: Featuring all the key components of a professional studio Pilates Reformer, the Align Pilates H1 Pilates Reformer offers all the same functions as the professional model meaning you can perform all the same reformer exercises at home as the ones that are available on a studio version.
  • Value for money: Despite of offering the same functionality as a professional Pilates Reformer, the H1 Reformer is considerably cheaper than the studio version and far more sturdy and higher quality than, for example, the cheaper Aero Pilates Reformer thus offering far better value for money.

The Cons

  • Weight limit: As the weight limit is 120kg, the Align Pilates H1 Reformer is not suitable for everybody.
  • Travel length: The carriage can travel up to 95cm, which is about 10cm less than in a professional reformer.
  • No foot strap: There is no foot strap included. However, this can be purchased as an optional accessory.
  • For private use only: This reformer is not certified for commercial use and may not be quite as sturdy as a professional reformer model.

The Verdict: Top Value-For-Money Home Equipment

Looking at all the features, pros and cons, the question is, of course: Is the  Align Pilates H1 Pilates Reformer model recommendable and suitable for home use? And the clear answer is ‘YES’, it definitely is.

One of its outstanding features making it particularly suitable for being used in your home is its compactness and versatility so it doesn’t require a lot of room when set up for workouts or when stowed away. For me, this is a very important aspect as the rooms in my home are on the smaller side so a space-efficient stand-alone reformer is a great solution.

Also, it has all the main features of a professional reformer, which means that you can perform a large range of Pilates exercises on the H1 reformer model. Whilst there is no foot strap included, this can still be purchased as an optional accessory which will increase the range of possible core strengthening exercises even more.

Another strong feature of the H1 reformer are its 4 professional quality springs – vital parts of a reformer as most of the reformer exercises are based on resistance provided by the springs. Some cheaper home Pilates reformer models are only fitted with 3 lower quality springs so the level of resistance can only be customized to a certain extent which is not ideal at all. So it’s always a good idea to check how many and what quality springs are used in a reformer.

With regard to the carriage travel length, this won’t impact the outcome of your exercises unless you are on the taller side. When you are closer to the height limit, you may feel a bit restricted by the max. travel, but for most people, this will be perfectly fine.

Finally, as the H1 Reformer was developed especially for home use, it concentrates on the features that are most important for this purpose. But at the same time it means, of course, that it has to compromise in some areas, such as sturdiness. For this reason, it is limited to a maximum user weight of 120kg (compared to 150kg for most professional reformers). However, when used within the given height and weight limits, it shows no signs of weakness and feels robust and well-made.

So this is an excellent piece of home equipment offering great value for money and which is definitely worth considering for your Pilates home workouts.

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