8 Amazing Pilates Facts and Figures

Amazing Pilates Facts And Figures

Pilates as an exercise regime was developed around 100 years ago, however, has hugely increased in popularity in recent years. There are a lot of myths around Pilates – some are actually true while others are nothing but myths. So here are 8 amazing Pilates facts and figures that will shed light on this popular … Read more

What is Barre Pilates?

What Is Barre Pilates Exercise

If you asked a purist how to do Pilates and what type of Pilates you should pursue, you would get a very clear answer: ‘classic Pilates’ as this is the original method Joseph Pilates taught around 100 years ago. But imagine he was still alive and fit today, don’t you think he would have come … Read more

Is Pilates a Sport?

Is Pilates a Sport?

Nowadays, more than ever, it’s very trendy and cool to pursue a sport and to exercise and work out. Gyms are sprouting up everywhere and many people take out memberships for gyms, one of the reasons being that physical exercise is hailed as a great way to not only keep your body, but also your … Read more