Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review

Product: Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review
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Color: Choice of 6 colors
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Wearing a Fitness Tracker Has a Number of Health Benefits

Fitness trackers have become very popular in recent years and are definite must-haves for the health-conscious fitness enthusiast. This comes at no surprise as wearing a fitness tracker has a whole range of health benefits.

Apart from making sure you don’t overdo it by measuring your heart rate, it will encourage you to exercise regularly and set fitness goals. Also, it will help you form healthy habits by providing some level of countability, and making you aware of your sleep patterns – if it comes with a sleep-monitoring function.

However, it can be hard to choose a fitness tracker that is just right for you as there are so many around now.

The best-known trackers by far are the Fitbit ones, such as the Fitbit Charge 3. But there are many alternatives to this pricier brand worth considering. One of them is the Lintelek fitness tracker, which offers a surprising range of features at a much lower price tag.

Key Features of The Lintelek Fitness Tracker 

One of its outstanding features is its ability to track your performance in 14 different sports modes: walking, hiking, mountaineering, running, treadmill, cycling, dynamic cycling, Yoga, fitness workouts, dancing, football, tennis, badminton, basketball.

Also, it comprises a 24-hour heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor, a sedentary alert reminding you to take a rest from work and exercise a bit, a vibrating alarm to wake you up without disturbing others, a message & call reminder as well as GPS tracking when connected to your phone with the option to display your exercise data on the VeryfitPro APP.

In addition, it has an IP68 waterproof rating meaning it can be used in water without damaging the fitness tracker. So, you can safely wear it when showering or when swimming, although there is no separate swimming mode.

Apart from its technical features, it comes with a choice of straps in various fashionable colors.

The Pros

Having 14 different sports modes is definitely one of Lintelek’s strengths as many fitness trackers only offer walking/running and cycling modes but no option to track non-cardiovascular activities such as Yoga. For me, this was a decisive factor as I needed a tracker that I could use for Pilates as well as cycling and walking/running. And the Yoga mode is perfect when practicing Pilates.

Another great advantage is its feature to monitor your heart rate continuously and not just once an hour like other fitness trackers do. When connected to your phone via Bluetooth, you can view all the data collected, i.e. your heart rate throughout the day, the amount of exercise you did, and calories burnt and even the route cycled/walked etc. in the neat and easy to use VeryfitPro app, so you can analyze your fitness/health reliably.

As it reminds you after a longer period of inactivity to do some exercise, you really do end up exercising more. Throughout my working day, I take regular breaks now to add a few Pilates exercises – I think my level of activity must have increased by at least 30%. This is so much more encouraging than your partner or someone else telling you that it’s time to get off your chair!

A further nice surprise was how easy the tracker and the app are to set up and use. You don’t need to be a techie or have prior experience of using fitness trackers. It’s all quite intuitive and obvious, which I hadn’t expected from a tracker in this price range. It fully charges in about an hour and the charge lasts for days depending on how much you use it with the GPS function turned on.

Also, I find the sleep monitor very useful. It showed me that I seem to wake up more often than I was aware of. This information can help you find out what your general sleep pattern is and what factors might influence it. For example, I realized that my sleep was much more disturbed when I used the computer within an hour of going to bed. I now make an effort of staying away from it in the evening, so I feel more refreshed in the morning.

I haven’t really made use of the call/text/email alert function of the tracker but this can be quite useful if you need to be available and respond to incoming communication immediately.

Finally, a real plus of this fitness tracker is its fashionable choice of straps. Whilst I don’t mind wearing just anything functionable at home, I’m more self-conscious when I exercise outside my home and it simply makes you feel better wearing a gadget which doubles as a fashion accessory.

The Cons

One disadvantage of the Lintelek is that it’s not 100% accurate. For example, like most other fitness trackers, the step counter usually starts counting your steps after you have done about 25 – 35 steps already. So, you always need to add a few steps to the overall count at the end.

Also, the heart rate monitor does not seem to work reliably for everyone. Some users reported inaccurate values in their reviews. In my experience, it has been fairly accurate, however, I always make sure that the strap is done up tightly. When the strap is too loose, the monitor has difficulty in detecting your heart beat.

Another disadvantage is the fact that it has no built-in GPS unlike some other trackers, such as the Garmin vívoactive 3. To use the Lintelek in GPS mode, you need to have your smartphone within a 10 m radius of the tracker otherwise it won’t record any GPS data. But for that, it will hold its charge for much longer as, typically, trackers with built-in GPS can only run continuously on one charge for about 8-13 hours, depending on model.

Last but not least, it’s important to mention that the Lintelek is not compatible with every phone. According to the manufacturer, it can’t be used with the following models: Samsung J series/ S series, Huawei P series. In addition, you can only use this fitness tracker with a smartphone, but not with a PC or tablet, whilst it only supports the following operating systems: Android 4.4 and above, iOS 7.1 and above.

The Verdict: Great Value for Money Fitness Tracker With a Myriad Of Features

With its affordable price, and the highly competitive number of features comparable to those of more expensive trackers like the Fitbit, the Lintelek is possibly one of the best value-for-money fitness trackers around.

It not only offers the possibility to track high-impact exercise performance, but also non-cardiovascular activities, such as Yoga and Pilates, making it the perfect choice if you want to monitor your health and fitness doing multiple sports.

If you own a smartphone with an operating system supported by the Lintelek and don’t want to spend a fortune, I think this fitness tracker is great choice and definitely worth trying.

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